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Artemisia Absinthium Extract

Artemisia Absinthium Extract

Introuduction of Artemisia absinthium Artemisia absinthium is a herbaceous perennial plant with fibrous roots. The stems are straight, growing to 0.8–1.2 metres (2 ft 7 in–3 ft 11 in) (sometimes even over 1.5 m, but rarely) tall, grooved, branched, and silvery-green. The leaves are spirally...

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Introuduction of Artemisia absinthium 

Artemisia absinthium is a herbaceous perennial plant with fibrous roots. The stems are straight, growing to 0.8–1.2 metres (2 ft 7 in–3 ft 11 in) (sometimes even over 1.5 m, but rarely) tall, grooved, branched, and silvery-green. The leaves are spirally arranged, greenish-grey above and white below, covered with silky silvery-white trichomes, and bearing minute oil-producing glands; the basal leaves are up to 25 cm long, bipinnate to tripinnate with long petioles, with the cauline leaves (those on the stem) smaller, 5–10 cm long, less divided, and with short petioles; the uppermost leaves can be both simple and sessile (without a petiole). Its flowers are pale yellow, tubular, and clustered in spherical bent-down heads (capitula), which are in turn clustered in leafy and branched panicles. Flowering is from early summer to early autumn; pollination is anemophilous. The fruit is a small achene; seed dispersal is by gravity.

It grows naturally on uncultivated arid ground, on rocky slopes, and at the edge of footpaths and fields. Although once relatively common, it is becoming increasingly rare in the UK where it has recently been suggested that it is an archeophyte rather than a true native.

Specification of Artemisia absinthium Extract

Product Name: Artemisia absinthium Extract

Latin Name: Artemisia absinihium L

Appearance:Deep Brown powder

Concentrated Extract Powder: 1:1 ~ 10:1

Storage: Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture and pest infestation

Shelf life: 2 years when properly stored.

Packing: 1kg/bag, 5kg/bag, 25KG/Drum, or as your requirements.

Payment terms: T/T in advance, Western Union, Paypal, etc.


Leading time: Usually, 3-5 working days after your payment confirmed.

Artemisia absinihium Supplements and Harmful Organisms

Harmful organisms are a serious health problem in every country in the world, not only developing countries. Organisms of all sorts can contaminate food and water, causing health problems in both people and animals. Wormwood contains several compounds, most notably artemisinin, that are resistant to harmful organisms. These compounds create an environment that is actively hostile to harmful organisms and discourages them from thriving.

Harmful organisms are not only a problem for humans, but they also affect livestock, too. And, the cost of pharmaceutical drugs that target harmful organisms is high. Artemisia absinihium powder may offer potential as studies suggest that wormwood extract may be a natural way to eliminate intestinal invaders in some types of livestock.

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