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Shiitake Mushroom Extract Polysaccharides Lentinan

Shiitake Mushroom Extract Polysaccharides Lentinan

Lentinan is a polysaccharide in shiitake mushrooms that may help fight cancer. Compounds in shiitake mushrooms have antimicrobial properties. Eating shiitakes with higher vitamin D levels may improve your bone density.

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Background of Shiitake Mushroom & Supplements

The Chinese have used the shitake mushroom for medicinal purposes for over 6,000 years; consequently, it has become the Asian symbol for longevity, according to The George Mateljan Foundation's website The World's Healthiest Foods. This particular type of edible fungus is the second most commonly cultivated mushroom in the world. With its rich sources of selenium, iron, dietary fiber, protein and vitamin C, research has shown significant benefits in adding shiitake mushrooms to your diet. Shiitake Mushroom Extract and its supplements aslo very popular in today. Shiitakes have a long history of use, both as food and in medicinal supplements.

Specification of Shiitake Mushroom Extract Lentinan

Product Name: Shiitake Mushroom Polysaccharides Extract Lentinan

Botanical Name: Lentinus edodes (Berk.)sing

CAS: 37339-90-5

Appearance: Yellow Brown to Brown Fine Powder

Standardized Extract Powder: 10-50% Lentinan

Storage: Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture and pest infestation. 

Shelf life: 2 years when properly stored.

Packing: 1kg/bag, 5kg/bag, 25KG/Drum, or as your requirements.

Payment terms: T/T in advance, Western Union, Paypal, etc.


Leading time: Usually, 3-5 working days after your payment confirmed

Unique Nutrient Benefits from Shiitake Mushrooms

Name of Substance

Nutrient Category




monoterpenoid-derived   phenols

copalic   acid



amino   acid derivatives






specific   member of the beta-glucan polysaccharides

Among the nutrients listed above, lentinan and its fellow beta-glucans have received special research attention. These unique polysaccharide nutrients have been shown to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, within the digestive tract, within the bloodstream, and in whole body metabolism involving a variety of different body systems. 

Healthy Benefits of Shiitake Mushroom Extract Lentinan Powder

1, Lowers Cholesterol

A compound found in Shiitake mushrooms, eritadenine, has been shown to reduce blood cholesterol levels, according to the website Elements4Health. The website reports on a 2001 study in Japan at the Department of Bioresource Science at Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine that was published in "Experimental Biology and Medicine." The study found that the eritadenine in shiitake mushrooms helped to increase the cholesterol levels in the feces, which in turn reduced blood cholesterol levels.

2, Support Immune Function

Shiitake mushrooms extract have the ability to boost the immune system and combat many diseases by way of providing important vitamins, minerals and enzymes. A 2015 study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition evaluated 52 healthy males and females, aged 21–41 years, to determine if shiitake mushrooms could improve human immune function. The study involved a four-week parallel group trial that involved participants consuming either five or 10 grams of mushrooms daily.

The results suggest that consuming mushrooms improved cell effector function and improved gut immunity. There was also a reduction of inflammation due to Shiitake mushrooms consumption

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