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Horlicks with a long history
- Dec 05, 2018 -

The story of Horlicks dates back to 1873 and was founded in Chicago by James and William Horlick. During World War I, soldiers fighting alongside Britain brought it to India as a dietary supplement. By the beginning of the 20th century, it was sold as a substitute powder beverage. Today, Horlicks has emerged as a nutritional supplement in major stores. Although different countries may have different formulations, the raw materials are the same, including wheat flour, malt extracts, barley malt, milk solids, minerals, vitamins, inorganic salts and protein isolates. Today, Horlicks is still a very popular choice and continues to dominate India's healthy beverage market. For consumers, especially the personality-oriented millennials, their preferences are shifting to less sugar and healthier alternative botanical drinks.

We aslo supply Psyllium Husk Powder 95%, 99%, which aslo a good fiber source, can be used as substitute powder beverage.  Contact with us if you have interest. We promise you will suprised with this magic powder.

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