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Herbal Extracts
- Jul 23, 2018 -

Chinese herbal medicine is a unique drug used by traditional Chinese medicine, and it is also an important symbol of TCM differentiation from other medicine. Chinese people's exploration of Chinese herbal medicine has gone through thousands of years of history. Legend has it, Shen Nong tasted paraquat, the first medicine, Shen Nong was revered as "Medicine Emperor." The Chinese herbal medicine is mainly composed of plant medicine (root, stem, leaf, fruit), animal medicine (viscera, skin, bone, organ, etc.) and mineral medicine. Because plant medicine occupies the majority of Chinese medicine, so Chinese herbal medicine also called Chinese Herbal medicine. At present, the use of traditional Chinese medicine has reached about 5000 kinds of herbs to match the formation of the prescription, but also countless. After thousands of years of research, the formation of an independent science-materia medica.