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Application of Plant Medicine
- Jul 23, 2018 -

The most common, therefore, according to the definition of "plant extracts" (note 1), "Extracts of Chinese herbal medicine" can be defined as: the use of plant animals, such as raw materials, under the guidance of Chinese medicine theory, according to the extraction of the final product needs, through physical and chemical extraction separation process, A product that is formed by directional acquisition and enrichment of one or more active constituents of a plant animal without altering its active constituent structure. However, I think that the definition is still imperfect, that Chinese medicine must be referred to Chinese medicine under the guidance of the Theory of Chinese medicine, but many extracts are determined by the effect of its composition, if it is more appropriate to be understood literally as herbal extracts. (Sichuan Wei Jengbo language) Therefore, comprehensive national legislation category and concept and use situation, plant extracts this concept can be accepted and recognized by all countries, but also the dissemination of herbal medicine in various countries common expression. But the plant extracts do not include animals and other extracts.