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Application of olive leaf extracts
- Jul 23, 2018 -


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Health food

In Europe and the United States and other countries, olive leaf extracts mainly as a dietary supplement, used to regulate immunity.

Skincare High content of the bitter glucoside is mainly used in skin care products, can protect skin cells from ultraviolet damage, effectively maintain the skin soft and flexible, to help skin, tender skin effect.

The high content of Microherb 80% is specially designed for skin care products, its effective ingredient is high, the color is light, it is very suitable for cosmetic formulation design.

Apply to skin care products Olive leaf essence has protection-antioxidant and repair effect, specific as follows:

1, protection-antioxidant action-to maintain the viability of skin cells Ultraviolet rays can cause the formation of free radicals, thereby harming skin cells and even the death of morning cells.

Let's say skin cells are exposed to light, look at the changes in keratinocytes and fibroblasts-some are coated with pure olive leaf extract, others are not coated, and after 24 hours of observation of their cell status, it is found that cells coated with pure olive leaf essence are preserved almost intact.

2, protection-antioxidant reaction Ultraviolet light can also cause cell membrane lipid decomposition, the imagination is the peroxide reaction. The skin fiber cell culture environment, some coated with pure olive leaf essence, others did not. The fluorescence analysis is followed by the measurement of a special substance secreted during the decomposition process to measure the degree of its peroxide reaction.

The results show that the pure olive leaf extracts can effectively organize the peroxide reaction, thus protecting the fiber cells highly. 3, repair-Promote the metabolism of gum protein-to promote the protein synthesis in the skin aging process, the ability of protein synthesis, fiber cells can only produce a small amount of gum protein. We measure the promotion of protein synthesis in a cell culture environment, some of which are pure olive leaf extract, and others do not, taking the amount of proline (a kind of amino acid) as a measure of the new synthetic gum protein.

The results showed that the extracts of olive leaf could significantly promote the formation of fibrin. 4, the reaction of chitosan reaction is a reaction occurs in the cell membrane, it will cause collagen network knot, so that the gum protein loss of the original elasticity, the skin with the appearance of depression, that is, wrinkles. This phenomenon gradually increases with age. After 8 days of test-tube incubation in 37C, a fluorescence analysis was used to trace the derivatives of the poly-glucose reaction, formed between lysine and glucose -6-phosphate (ester) enzymes.

This experiment was also performed with the addition of pure olive leaf essence and no pure olive leaf essence, which proved its important effect on the chitosan reaction. 5.-Anti-gum enzyme is a kind of enzyme produced by the fiber cells under the influence of free radicals--under ultraviolet irradiation, the keratinocyte will release some information, thus stimulating the fibroblast to produce the gum-cell enzyme. The pure olive leaf extracts were added to the keratinocyte medium and placed under UVA and UVB rays. The results showed that the essence of pure Olive leaf was produced by inhibiting the "information" of keratinocyte, which indirectly reduced the secretion of the enzyme.